Frequently Asked Questions

What is BioDati?

We are a company focused on making Biology Reusable, Shareable and Computable to accelerate disease research, human health and our ability to make biology serve humanity’s needs.

What is a Nanopub?

A Nano-publication is a small piece of a publication or assertion for sharing biological assertions in a computable format with provenance and experimental context that can be combined with other nanopubs to build massive knowledgebases of biology.

What is a Knowledgebase?

A knowledgebase consists of knowledge representing facts about the world and an inference engine that can use rules and other forms of logic to deduce new facts or highlight inconsistencies. We are building the world's largest biological knowledgebase, which is by its nature, computable and shareable.

Why is Provenance important?

Provenance allows us to track the source and context of biological knowledge. If, for example, an article is retracted, we can quickly and easily retract (reject) all nanopubs associated with that article. Provenance allows us to maintain the quality of the knowledgebase.

Why is Experimental Context important?

Biological data is dependent upon context- in what species, tissues, cell type, was an observation made? Using what methods? There are differences between fruit flies, yeast, worms, zebra fish, mice, and men, and all proteins are not expressed in all cell types. With nanopubs we capture the experimental context for every observation.

What is an Open-Standards Language and why is it important for Biology?

An open-standards Language, like BEL, has publicly accessible standards documents that define the requirements and specifications of the language. This allows for a consistent database, across multiple users. It also allows users to create their own tools for analysing the database, in addition to those provided by BioDati.

Who would benefit from BioDati’s platform?

The world needs biological knowledge. Our breakthrough platform for computing, reusing and sharing biological knowledge is a powerful tool across all the Life Sciences. Biologists, Disease foundations, Academia and bioPharma all benefit from the interactive and easy to use platform to accelerate their research.

How is BioDati’s platform useful in drug discovery?

With the world’s largest knowledge base in your drug discovery toolbox, the BioDati platform accelerates your drug discovery research results into treatments. Use BioDati to evaluate and enhance drug targets, to build better model organisms and identify potential toxicity and adverse events. Faster cycle times to integrate research advances the science while optimizing budget.

What type of service does BioDati provide?

BioDati provides knowledge curation with quick integration with other public knowledge or prior knowledge. Our experts provide hands-on training and consultation to customize and optimize your specific research needs.